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Log home kit for sale

After testing to verify the desired moisture content (average 15%), the cants are removed from the kiln, ready for milling to the finished log profile.  This process of drying a green 6"x 8" timber generally requires a 4 to 6 week period (on average) in the kiln, to achieve the 15% moisture content.

Kiln-drying provides several very important benefits; primarily, it produces logs that are uniform and stabilized to match the actual home environment. Wood must be conditioned to the moisture content it will assume during it's service life.  Otherwise, it will have a tendency to shrink and twist to some degree.  Since the exterior wall normally will range 10%-30% moisture content throughout their yearly cycles, kiln-dried logs, at 15% moisture content are as dimensionally stable as possible for most areas.  Companies that kiln-dry their material down to an average 15% have the advantage of removing logs that exhibit severe stress changes such as splitting and warping, prior to the final milling and grading processes. The customer can see the final beauty and integrity of each log before it is placed in the wall, and not have to worry about what the home is going to look like after the logs have finally dried-out.

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